Functions of DBMS

Friday, May 23, 2008 by Ankit Goyal

Functions of DBMS

DBMS free the programmers from the need to worry about the organization and location of the data i.e. it shields the users from complex hardware level details.

DBMS can organize process and present data elements from the database. This capability enables decision makers to search and query database contents in order to extract answers that are not available in regular Reports.

Programming is speeded up because programmer can concentrate on logic of the application.

It includes special user friendly query languages which are easy to understand by non pro¬gramming users of the system.

The various common examples of DBMS are Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, FoxPro, Dbase etc.

The service provided by the DBMS includes:

Authorization services like log on to the DBMS, start the database, stop the Database etc.
Transaction supports like Recovery, Rollback etc,
Import and Export of Data.
Maintaining data dictionary
User's Monitoring

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shiva said...

Or explain karo.Its not sufficient for me............

shiva said...

Acttualy i want the example of each n evry point which u give to describe my query.I want to describe my assignment in the easiest way.

thivanka said...

I want functions in point form so that easy to understand.

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